Tianxiang Fu (Jacky) the Chinese ambition of student chemistry excellency.

Tianxiang Fu (Jacky) the Chinese ambition of student chemistry excellency.

Tianxiang Fu (Jacky) the Chinese ambition of student chemistry excellency.

Tianxiang Fu was born in Shanghai, China and of course, his native language is Chinese. Shanghai is a popular tourist destination renowned for its historical landmarks such as The Bund, City God Temple, and Yu Garden as well as the extensive Lujiazui skyline.

👩‍🎓Fu is studying at the Imperial College of London and his dream is to become a renowned chemist in the field of chemical synthesis.

He is very modest when it comes to talking about himself yet his knowledge as a chemistry student shows a story of personal ambition and excellency.

♣His hobby of choice is the game of bridge because he says that: "Bridge is just like chemistry, with an infinite possibility of combinations of cards!"

His morning starts with his calendar: "To be honest, I’m not a person with an excellent memory, so I have to remind myself to bring the lab coat, and hand in the experiments report on time."

Tianxiang Fu (Jacky)

📖Since he likes chemistry so much his preferred book is "Clayden's Organic Chemistry". He explains life in scientific terms due to his technical inclinations and he is the proud owner of a big stuffed animals collection.

🧸They take over 60% percent of his space and most of the time he stores them on his bed. He has fifty of them! Yes, you heard that right: fifty not fifteen!

Tianxiang Fu (Jacky)

👉“A problem shared is a problem halved” an old proverb is saying. This is why Fu is inspired by talking to his friends and classmates when he is not able to solve some of his chemistry problems: “Thank you for all your help, my dear colleagues!

At the end of his studies at the Imperial College of London, Fu will work as a laboratory researcher in China because he likes food chemistry too: “Compared to the U.K. the gastronomical culture of China is totally different and the food options are way better.” 

01. Tianxiang Fu why did you get involved in our project?
“Chemistry is my favorite subject, and I installed the Periodic Table PRO app on my iPad. I compared both English and Chinese translations from the app, and found that some improvements could be made.“

02. What do you think could be improved in the educational system in the U.K. and worldwide?
“I think the university experience would be better if undergraduate students were allowed to transfer between majors. (In Imperial College London, department of chemistry, you can transfer relatively freely within chemistry Bsc, MChem program of Chemistry, but much more process needs to be done for transferring from chemistry to chemical engineering for example).“

03. What do you like about our project?
“The Periodic Table PRO app is more than a periodic table because it has hidden easter eggs and cool chemistry experiments. Do you know what I'd like to see added to the list of experiments? The thin layer chromatography, the flame test, and the elephant's toothpaste“.

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