Roman Porozov the Russian Wikipedia.

Roman Porozov the Russian Wikipedia.

Roman Porozov the Russian Wikipedia.

Roman Porozov is like the Russian Wikipedia as he is very knowledgeable about culture, tech & science.

πŸ“– In fact every morning along with his no-sugar coffee he gets to read books, news and science articles.

He has a doctoral degree in Cultural and Social studies & a University degree in Linguistics.

😊 For the last 15 years he has been teaching at the university as this is what brings him a genuine pleasure. He is experienced in teaching in various countries and his personal mission is to educate the younger generations.

You can spend hours talking to Roman about movies, culture & tech, as his stories have a peppered-pinch of exquisite humor.

At work he shows an agile professional attitude and he's always driven by perfectionism.

πŸ‘ Working with Roman on this project was a true pinnacle of collaboration dedicated to Dmitri Ivanovich Mendeleev and all the heroes of Chernobyl 1986.

Roman Porozov

Q: Roman, why did you get involved in this project?

β€œOur project is a unique opportunity to apply all your knowledge as a translator for the benefit of the science development. Once in your life, one important question arises - why did you receive all your knowledge. And this project was the answer to the question.

I really hope that our knowledge will become an incentive for everyone to tear off our wonderful world.
And even more so, how can a project on the periodic system of Dmitry Mendeleev do without a Russian translation?β€œ

Q: How would you like the education to be in your country?

β€œRussian education has always been considered to be of high quality - both in the Soviet and modern periods. I believe that education in Russia is undergoing serious transformations.

We now have a unique opportunity to improve the technical support of our university education, and significant funds are being spent on this.
I believe in our pupils and students - they always show their curiosity, interest, independence and critical thinking. All that I value in them.β€œ

Roman Porozov

Q: What is your source of inspiration on a daily basis?

β€œA key source of inspiration is the desire for new knowledge and the belief that this knowledge can be useful.Β  And, of course, the support of my lovely family.β€œ's Contributors: - The fun way of learning chemistry together.