Pilar Caamaño Chinchilla the Spanish eagle eye dreamer.

Pilar Caamaño Chinchilla the Spanish eagle eye dreamer.

Pilar Caamaño Chinchilla the Spanish eagle eye dreamer.

Pilar has a Bachelor in Chemistry and a Masters Degree in Translations for International Communication.

She had lived and worked in Germany for 8 years when she realized how important it was to build effective communication and share knowledge.

😊Being a big dreamer, she moved back to Spain and embraced the job of translator. She changed her relationship to Science and focused on her greatest wish: translating knowledge from very specialized text to general audiences.

☕ She likes her daily morning tea & long nice refreshing walks.
And make no mistake as Pilar is very attentive to even the smallest details: a true eagle eye of translations.

Pilar Caamaño Chinchilla

Being environmentally concerned she's also very active in this field. Currently, she is developing personal initiatives related to sustainability.

Her aim is finding a pathway in worthy projects which help the environment recovery.

Q: Pilar, why did you get involved in this project?
“This project really suits one of my wishes about approaching science to the general public.
It has been an honor for me to participate in this venture.“

Q: How would you like the education to be in your country?
“In Spain kids are used to spending many hours at the school learning a lot of theory. I am not sure if this is the healthiest way of getting educated.
📖 I would prefer the education in my country to be closer to Finland´s example. Children are successful and they are doing quite the opposite: more practice, more participation of the students, more fun at school.“

Q: What is your source of inspiration on a daily basis?
“One of the things I like most is jogging and walking in the Nature. I am passionate about discovering other cultures. One of my dreams is to be able to work and to travel at the same time.“

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