Oană Mădălina, the German precision & sharpness at work.

Oană Mădălina, the German precision & sharpness at work.

Oană Mădălina, the German precision & sharpness at work.

Oană Mădălina has the warm heart of Romanians but the German precision & sharpness at work.

📖She started learning German & English right from the kindergarten & she always used these languages during her smooth professional career.

🕶️She’s very passionate about psychology, conspiracy theories, Labrador dogs & smart people.
And yes, you've guessed it: she is fascinated by stories & witty conversations.

Oană Mădălina

Q: Mădălina why did you get involved in this project?
A: “I got involved in this project because I found it to be very interesting. I’ve never translated anything related to chemistry, but the subject of the project was very appealing to me. Later in the process I realized the project was born out of work, involvement & dedication. And therefore, I was driven to contribute to it.“

Q: How would you like the education in Romania but also in the whole world to look like?
A: “It is a fairly broad topic, which needs a lot of discussions, but let me share my thoughts.
I would be happy for the Romanian education to be totally reset.
Unfortunately, we no longer have properly trained teachers. And on the other hand, the students are not concerned about their own education either.

What's being promoted on TV and the Internet (social networks & influencers) determines the current generations not to focus on education.  Unfortunately, there are fewer and fewer people who know how to do their job very, very well.

But I keep my faith that open-minded people & them collaborating, will change the outcome of the educational game.“

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