Kai-Jen (Katie) Tsung the incredible Chinese speed at work.

Kai-Jen (Katie) Tsung the incredible Chinese speed at work.

Kai-Jen (Katie) Tsung the incredible Chinese speed at work.

Katie was born in Taiwan, Taipei, and shortly after her family moved to Washington DC. Her native language consists of both English and Mandarin as she grew up with Taiwanese parents and studied in US elementary schools.

🚀 We have to say it as it is: Katie's speed of translating chemistry terms is similar to China's first high-speed railway between Beijing and Tianjin that started operating back in 2008. Wooosh!

Katie's biggest dreams include traveling around the world and owning golden retrievers because "they are the cutest!", she says. She also wishes to contribute to the scientific community.

👩‍🎓This is the main reason why she moved to Germany for her bachelor’s degree. Germany is known for its scientific innovations and scientific community: "I wanted to try studying in a different environment, so that’s why I picked Germany"

☕Coffee please: "I have to drink at least 1 cup of coffee every day or I will be moody and won’t actually have the motivation to do anything. Other than that, I like to set my tasks for the day, so I make sure what I have to do and if there is anything I planned beforehand that I might have forgotten".

Kai-Jen (Katie) Tsung

📖 Her favorite book is ‘Cover Story’ by Susan Rigetti a novel depicting the con artists' world and the world of deception. 

Katie usually spends her leisure time watching Netflix shows with her friends, especially murder mysteries and comedy shows. Another hobby of hers is traveling because she loves discovering new cities and places around the world. She also loves photography: "You will probably have to wait 5 minutes before the food is served because I will be taking pictures of it".

Kai-Jen (Katie) Tsung

She is inspired by the actress Angelina Jolie "because she is very generous in helping those that are less fortunate. Though she has faced a lot of misfortunes in her life, she focuses on spreading kindness and giving to others and the community. I would say that she is who I aspire to become in terms of spreading kindness and love."

Currently, Katie is working as a teaching assistant for Biochemistry courses and labs at the Jacobs University of Bremen and enjoys helping other students and making new friends along the way.

Q: Kai-Jen (Katie) Tsung why did you get involved in our project?
A: “I got involved in this project because I enjoy educating others, especially those younger on new information, and seeing that technology has taken over the lives of younger generations, I decided this App could teach and educate those on chemistry terms and stimulate visual cognitive processes. This App includes many interesting chemistry experiments and easter-eggs that may inspire students to enjoy the process of learning chemistry! I think the most interesting aspect is that it is offered in so many different languages for everyone to learn! “

Q: What do you think could be improved in the educational system in Germany and worldwide?
A: “I think that something the educational systems in Germany and worldwide can do is to ensure accessible education to everyone. There are hundreds of millions of people around the world who have no access to education. Another side is the loss of interest in learning among younger generations. I believe that  educational apps created for mobile devices will allow the younger generation to learn through interesting visual stimulations and easter eggs.“

Q: What do you like about our project?
“I like how the project includes fun stimulatory games for learning chemical reactions and how diverse the project is. This app allows many nationalities to learn about chemistry and bring out a fun side to learning. I also like the design of the app and everything is very easy to navigate and use. I believe this app helps educate people across the world with its expanding languages.“

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