Emre Can Sevgili the Militechnicus Translator

Emre Can Sevgili the Militechnicus Translator

Emre Can Sevgili the Militechnicus Translator

🚀 Emre Can Sevgili studied Aerospace Engineering for three years before he switched to foreign language education.

One of his favorite subjects in school & university was chemistry.
This is why Emre is a very knowledgeable chemistry militechnicus.

🎮 He likes to inspire others through his kindness & during his free time he enjoys playing interactive video games.

😉 Being happy & cool about his life, Emre turned his video games hobby into a job: localization translations.

His motto: “Looking at things in a positive way will be the sun during cloudy days”.

Emre Can Sevgili

Q: Emre, why did you get involved in our project?

“I got involved with this project because it was an excellent opportunity to do translations for educational purposes. I was always interested in science and chemistry, so this project was fun because I was re-learning while translating.

It is easier to translate things I like rather than something I don't find interesting at all. And this is why the project was the perfect match for me.“

Q: How would you like Turkish education to be?

“I would like for everyone to have equal education opportunities in Turkey. Because it is a big country, education quality varies from place to place drastically.
Education should keep up with technology because it is more appealing to the current generations.

This is why I’m so happy to have been involved in this digitized project that is a big milestone for the worldwide education.“

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